Specimen Container

  • Manufactured with PS/PE
  • Leakproof – tested in accordance with BS5213
  • Available pre-filled with boric acid
  • Available in no label, plain label, printed label options
  • Same volume is available in differet designs
5ml, without Spoon, Screw cap
5ml, with Spoon, Screw cap
7ml , Screw cap
20ml, with Spoon, Screw cap
20ml, without Spoon, Screw cap
25ml, Screw cap
30ml, Screw cap
30ml, Screw cap, with Spoon
40ml, Screw cap
60ml, Screw cap
60ml, Security seal
90ml, microbiology/urinalysis, Screw cap
120ml, Screw cap
120ml Screw cap, Urine Collection
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