Virus Transport Kit

Virus Transport Kit (Non-inactivated) is a sterile ready-to-use system for human specimen collection and transport obtained from collection sites. 

The kit consists of non-inactivated virus transport media (VTM) in a transport tube and one or two flocked swabs per request:

The media is strictly intended to stabilize and maintain the viability of suspected pathogens or microbial constituents contained in human specimens while in transit from collection sites to the testing laboratory. It can not extract and inactivate microbial constituents from specimens.

The flocked swab(s) in the kit is strictly intended to be placed in the oral or nasal cavities as far as the pharynx. These swabs are specifically represented as nasopharyngeal (NP) or oropharyngeal (OP) swabs on their easy-pouch labels and have explicitly stated an intended-use in instruction.

(NOTE: Flocked swabs can be inquired and ordered separately without VTMs)

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